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Learning About Tires And Rims

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Learning About Tires And Rims

Material Handling: Do You Need Better Tires?

Cindy Harvey

If you use forklifts and other material handling machines to carry out your daily tasks, you need sturdy tires for your equipment. But if the tires on your machines wear out faster than you expect them to, replace them with something better. Learn why your tires wear out too quickly and how you can replace them below.

Why Do Material Handling Tires Wear Out Fast?

Forklifts allow you to move and transport products inside and outside your factory quickly and efficiently. However, large machines can experience a great deal of stress each day. The stress can eventually wear down the machines' tires.

The tires on your forklifts should help the machines navigate all types of surfaces, including the slick floors inside your building and the rough pavement in your loading docks. The tires' treads should be strong and sturdy enough to withstand the stress placed on them during the day. But over time, treads can wear down until they no meet the demands of your machines or daily operations.

Worn-out tires can place your equipment at risk for mechanical failure. If the tires become misaligned, your machines won't grip the floor or pavement properly when you use them. Your machines may also tip over, skid out of control, or experience another dangerous problem. 

Bad material handling tires can also deflate or become bald over time. Tires may also experience chunking. Chunking occurs when tires lose large pieces of their tread. Each of the issues previously mentioned can cost your business time, money, and customers.

You can keep your equipment and business safe by ordering better material handling tires for your machines.

What Can You Replace Your Tires With?

You want to consult an industrial tire and wheel supplier for the tires you need. A supplier can offer you replacement tires that come with:

  • wider or deeper tread markings
  • thicker rubber 
  • stronger rims 

The features above help protect your new tires against premature balding, chunking, and tearing. In addition, stronger rims help support the weight of your machines. Heavy machines can damage or warp tire rims over time. Warped rims can cause additional stress on your tires. 

You want to order new tires and/or rims for each of your machines. Be sure to obtain the measurements of your tires before you place your order. Your new tires must match your machines' specifications exactly to avoid problems with them in the future.

Learn more about material handling tires and how to order your tires by contacting a tire and wheel supplier today.