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Learning About Tires And Rims

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Learning About Tires And Rims

How To Avoid Roadway Dangers By Properly Caring For Your Semi-Truck Tires

Cindy Harvey

They're tough and durable, and when maintained regularly, semi tires can carry a fully loaded truck and its driver back and forth across the country many times over. Professional commercial truck drivers make a living hauling cargo day and night, through treacherous weather and steep inclines, but safety always comes first. While knowing how to steer a big rig and react to possible threats on the roadway can help keep you safe, dangerous tire blowouts can largely be avoided by taking a few important steps prior to making a trip. Get increased mileage on your semi-truck tire, and stay safer by being aware of what to look for prior to making your next freight delivery.

Semi Tire Visual Inspection

Semi truck tires are much thicker than the tires you find on passenger vehicles, which means that they maintain their tread longer and wear down slower. Ensuring that your semi tires are inflated at proper air pressure levels will also ensure that your long trips are safer. Performing a swift but thorough visual inspection of your semi tires both before and after making a haul will help you to feel more confident and capable as you drive along.

Potholes and Debris

Although semi-trucks are large, something as small as a pothole can severely damage their tires. Coming in contact with roadway debris is also danger to semi-truck tires. Damage to semi tires caused by debris or deep potholes is not always apparent immediately, so you should take caution and perform a visual inspection to ensure that your tires are still intact.

Deploying the Brakes in a Semi-truck Safely

As commercial trucks and trailers are much heavier than passenger cars, commercial truck drivers need to deploy the brakes well ahead of stopping in order to avoid damaging the tires or damaging other vehicles. Firmly applying the brakes so that the semi-truck reduces its speed incrementally can help preserve the life of semi tires, and it is also essential for avoiding damage to any freight on board. If you are forced to come to a sudden stop, which requires you to press down on the brakes harder than you normally would, a tire check will be necessary. Look at each semi tire for signs of smoke, burnt rubber, and smoldering. Changing and replacing commercial truck tires at the first sign of damage might cause a slight time delay, but it will also work to protect the remaining semi tires that are in a state of good repair.