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Learning About Tires And Rims

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Learning About Tires And Rims

3 Tips To Consider When You Are Choosing Your First Set Of Snow Tires

Cindy Harvey

If you are new to the northern area and have never needed to buy tires for the winter snow and ice before, it is easy to get a lot of misinformation from the people around you who think they are experts. Fortunately, choosing snow tires is easier than you think, as long as you apply the information provided below when you are making the big decision. 

#1-Do Not Try To Save Money By Using Only Two Snow Tires

You would certainly not be the first person who considered trying to save some money by using two snow tires and two of the tires you already have to navigate the snow and ice .However, doing so is often thought to be worse than not using any snow tires at all. That is because you will not have sufficient control of all the tires, so you could skid or fishtail at the wrong moment, resulting in significant injuries.

Instead, it is a good idea to choose four new snow tires now that may last you through more than one winter.  

#2-Be Sure You Choose The Right Tires

Another issue that may occur is the meaning of "snow tires." In recent years, it has become more common for a season tires to be marketed to customers who are shopping for snow tires. Although similar, they are not the same and when you have a lot of snow and ice on your roads next winter, you will soon become aware that a weather tires have a thinner tread and lack the ability to grip the roads as closely during periods of snow, ice or hail. Therefore, be sure that your snow tires are actually snow tires, and therefore safe for your area

#3-Be Careful When Choosing Studded Tires-And Know Where You Will Take Them

Studded tires will often seem as if they are the best possible way to cruise the roads when winter precipitation is present. However, the truth is that studded tires have been associated with damage to the roads and are actually illegal in some states. As a result, you should verify that your state does not prohibit the use of studded tires and that when you go see friends or family next winter, you will not need to find new tires when you enter their state.   

In conclusion, the use of snow tires during the winter can make you and your passengers safer during those cod months.Therefore, you should be aware of the above information when choosing snow tires for the first time.